Monday, January 17, 2011

January Snow Trips...


We went to Echo Summit a couple of times and we're headed out again this weekend with the Sua Clan....


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sid & Auvae

Auvae and Sid will be married in 2011 and are a fun couple to be with. Auvae is a crack up! I'm so happy for them and am grateful I was allowed to practice some more picture taking.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Let Me Introduce You to a Princess"

Miss Gina Nau. Her mother is Na'as oldest sister and her dad is my cousin on both mum and dad's sides. She has the Hafoka's singing talent and sang a beautiful rendition of Musical Truth's "Heed" on Sunday for their youth musical fireside. When it comes to picture taking she's a ham just like her momma...thank goodness for great personalities like these!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In the name of pretending to be a photographer Helen and I took a couple of our closest friends, more like sisters downtown for our very first mock photoshoot. A huge thank you goes out to:


for being game to do whatever in the rain, cold and by the time we got out there the dark, lol. I posted these so that when we go out for more shoots I can tell whether I'm getting better or if I should just put the camera away! Ha!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Note to self

Please let this work.
It is 10:30pm and not a child has been stirring for 2hrs now...

11:25am:  I picked the girls up from preschool and their teacher told me "I just wanted to let you know Louina hit her sister, grabbed another child by the neck and then was cutting her finger with the scissors today. Oh and Amelia was very emotional as well."

Oh man! That's what happens when I leave daddy in charge of putting them to sleep while I go to the store. I left last night at 9pm, got home at 11:55pm and began putting the groceries away. One at a time both girls came down and said that daddy told them to check on me. I freaked and said "You're still awake? Get to bed!". FYI my girls need around 10hrs sleep to function well long term....

So this morning I carried each one from the bed, fought their kicking from wanting to lie down, started to dress them and then the counting began. One-Two-...Louina's eyes opened, looked up and she rolled onto her feet.

My poor girls' energry was spent and they couldn't deal with the emotional issues they were confronted with. Louina said she got mad at her friend because she didn't listen when Louina kept telling her to look at she said she grabbed her neck to bring her over to it! As for the finger cutting-Louina said she was cutting and thought she was cutting paper....not sure what to think about that because that is randomness at it's best.

So please let this work

I want to put them down to sleep at or before 8:30pm so that I can be in this same place at 10:30pm; peaceful knowing that sleep deprivation has been ruled out in the cases of Hafoka children acting out in school. We'll see, lol.

No matter...I am in heaven, just finished a $1 packet of mini kitkats from walmart and a whole cup of hot milk with chocolate peanut butter cake cookies. My chocolate craving satiated, check! Next, apologize to mah hubby for the mood swings, again. Can you tell what time it is? lol.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 1st American Campout

My parents, siblings and spouses planned a camping trip to Beals Point, Granite Bay for the kiddies. We've been spoilt in New Zealand because it's so green. When you say camp at the river, lake or beach you can walk out of your tent and that's exactly what you'd see. Na'a was told by a customer at work that Beal's point is really nice and my impression was that the lake was just a walk across the grass. When we arrived last Friday it was brown, more brown, dried green and we had to drive to the lake, lol. I just took a breath and let it go until we pulled up at the lake. Water levels are so low that it was about a half mile walk to get to the waters edge, hmf! Goes to show that it is about the company because camping was so much fun that we want to go again before the summer ends with everyone else; Cockers, Kois, Browns, Suas. Pretty much those that lent us their camping equipment and more!

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Friday, July 31, 2009


I put my hand up in orientation and asked Louina's pre-school teachers what kind of discipline they use like time-out and so on. Their answer was, "oh, we don't do time out; We redirect, positively reinforce and talk with the child." I told them good luck with my daughter then and grinned at them.

Sure enough, the 2nd day, Vise picked Loni and Louina up and the teacher said, "Oh my, Louina has a lot of energy huh?"
Vise: Um, yeah that's why her mother asked the discipline question. ;)

Louina loves pre-school and works those teachers just as I thought she would. Thank goodness for teachers who actually love what they do. I appreciate their patience and understanding. But I enjoy seeing the expression on their faces when they describe the escapades Louina got into that day. According to the teacher Louina's book smarts is already good enough for kindergarten. Next stop, learning to follow directions or maybe just calming down. Unfortunately she may get that from me...ha! An example: 3rd day picking her up her teacher informed me that Louina didn't want to leave the playground and after being told for the umteenth time she needed to leave, that girl straight took of her shoes and threw them on the ground. Her teacher made her sit down and said "Louina I'm going to sit in front of you until you listen to what I'm saying." I'm glad they don't do time

Anyhoos, notice in the pic Louina already has her shoes off again.